Tuesday, December 13

Tape, Paper, Scissors

Beware: You are about to be exposed to some high levels of dorkage in regards to office supplies. 

Recently I was in a conversation where a couple friends and I were discussing our favorite childhood toys. I didn't even have to think about it, my favorite toys were: tape, scissors and cardboard. Apparently I used to tape the small cracks in the walls of the stucco house grew up in and when my mother asked why I told her I was trying to fix them. I also once made a slot machine completely out of cardboard with the help of scissors and tape. I really wish I could inspect that project today.
Still today these are my favorite things to play with. Examples here and here.
So I've complied what would essentially be my "dream toys" to own.

Gold Plated Dressmaker's Shears
These just look classy I've actually never used them before. 
We have something similar to these at my work. They are basic, clean and glorious. They are the type of scissors that you know you're not supposed to run with. The only unsatisfactory thing I've noticed is that they can get squeaky.

Memories of my mother and learning to sew. 

This picture is rad and so is this tape. I'll take any kind that is clear and glossy. Most scotch tape is matte or frosty; it's labeled as "magic" or "invisible", neither of which are accurate descriptors. The clear, gloss finished Scotch or packaging tape is actually closer to being invisible and magic. This is the tape I use the most often.

I haven't used this until recently. I like the 2 inch because it doesn't seem like masking tape anymore. Also any kind of colored masking tape that's not tan is highly appreciated.

This is a new discovery for me as using it as a visual element. It's got these kind of silver strands in it. I wish they made strapping tape with gold strands. :)

Anything old works. Letterhead and manila folders are also nice.

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