Wednesday, August 17

Rodarte x Open Ceremony 2011 Lookbook Concept

These photos have me breathe-taken. I love them as just images but, since it's a lookbook it's especially impressive. Miss Moss is right, all other lookbooks will be jealous.

Via Miss Moss

Wednesday, August 10

Thrifty Round-up

This morning's blog browse session seemed to be very thrift themed so, I decided to share these lovely folks and their lovely finds.

Tuesday, August 9

The New Gypsies

I grew up a hippie's kid so, I took immediate interest in this series The New Gypsies by Iain McKell. I love the portraits. The images are very dream-like, makes you think their life must be all grandiose with homemade kombucha and sage. Of course it's probably difficult at times as well, like the part where your parents don't have a bank account.

via Black Eiffel