Wednesday, January 25

Honey Kennedy x Love & Victory

I'm a big fan of Honey Kennedy's site and this Love & Victory giveaway they have going is fantastic.

Tuesday, January 24


Wow, here I am blogging about pencils, never saw this one coming. They are so adorable though; they look like Steve Zissou pencils! I got a batch and I think they are fun and nobody's going to take that away from me by making me feel dorky about it. 

Map Meets Dress

I love these map dresses. They are wonderful and I wish they were real fabric so they could be worn.

Via: A Lovely Being

Tuesday, January 17

DIY Glitter On Pumps

Here's my DIY for glitter heeled shoes. 
What I used:
Target shoes, glue, gold spray paint, glitter, painting tape.

I taped off the areas I did not want paint or glitter.  I started off with spray painting the bottoms so the background would be gold to the gold glitter.

Never ever waste glitter.

What Men Really Want: Enchanting Cigarettes

Two books I received from my dad at Christmas along with 2 fountain pens.

Monday, January 16

Friday, January 13

Monday, January 9


When I was home for Christmas I scanned in some images from my mom's photo albums. I hand picked a few here of my grandpa Rudy. Grandpa Rudy had a lot of spunk. Him and my grandmother Nadine had a total of 11 children. The last photo is of my mom and my Aunt Suzie who died in a car accident when she was in her early twenties.

Friday, January 6

Thursday, January 5

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Wow, look at these! The Office of Angela Scott is spot on with these Mrs. & Mr. Smith shoes.