Thursday, September 30


If anybody is out there and has $170 lying around. I'm going to need a coat this winter because, I don't want to catch a cold.

Wednesday, September 29

Knock on wood.

I always wanted to wait to do a post about Shwood sunglasses but, I wanted to wait til I got a pair and post my own photographs exhibiting them. Well, that could be a while til I can spring for those and finding these WEWOOD watches seemed like too good of an opportunity to do a post about matching wood accessories.


Fun backpacks from Poketo. Back to school style.

Tuesday, September 28

Wool time.

Time to start looking for new boots.
These look spiffy. 

Monday, September 27

Out of Left Field.

Last year I bought a large batch of old baseball cards on Ebay. I was planning on making some project out of them. Instead they sit in my car, a few cards are glued to the ceiling by the rear view mirror. Occasionally browsing the collection serves as entertainment for a passenger. What I love about some of these old baseball cards is not only the campy design but, the photographs; ranging from serious and sweaty with a huge mustache to a slim pitcher in action looking like he's got rubber limbs and a stretched out face. The discussions The Baseball card of Infamy and Great Moments in Awkward Baseball Card Design: A Conversation with Josh Wilker posted on Print Magazine's blogs by Drew Dernavich are a great colloquy of these topics.

Studio Visit with Andy McInnis.

Last week I did a Studio Visit with Screen Printer Andy McInnis for Secrets of the City. I instantly fell in love with this piece of metal file cabinet drawer system at Elpis.

Friday, September 24

Cigarette Card Friday.

9 to 5

I'm taking a pretty logical guess that I would not like hotel housekeeping as an occupation. However, I see these and am somehow a little inspired.

Thursday, September 23

Lucite phone.


Ballets Russe

Out of all the photos flooding the interwebs right now because of fashion week. Erdem's Spring 2011 collection made me slow my roll the most. Absolutely stunning colors, florals, and shapes.