Friday, December 31

Wednesday, December 29

We Three Things

I came across The Bucket Tree this morning and found a few items that would be perfect for my non-existing beach house.

Wooden pond yacht by Star yachts

Large Scottish wool blanket

Friday, December 24

Wednesday, December 22

Elementary, My Dear Watson

Who wouldn't want a Harris Tedd Deerstalker hat is like asking who wouldn't want a day in the life of Sherlock Holmes?

Tuesday, December 21

Old Shufflefoot

I'm a fan of these baseball posters. I love the contrast of and old photo with classy modern design, shows more effort and thought as opposed to the ole' vintage photo meets Helvetica. Please take the time to check out the other features on the Eephus League site, Bethany Heck has carefully curated the historical content on the site and it's a lot of fun to browse around even if you're not the biggest fancier of baseball.

Monday, December 20

To Be

Even though these are from the TBA 2009 lookbook, I still think they are timeless and stunning. The designs are classic. The pigments and patterns make me want to squeal and I love the hay bails.

Sunday, December 19

The Beautiful And Dammed.

This beautifully redesigned cover collection from F. Scott Fitzgerald is a sight for sore eyes. A good read too.
*Also, the post cards I made last month had an image of Zelda Fitzgerald, Scott's wife.

Friday, December 17