Thursday, July 28


I love this editorial, In the Hall with the Candlestick, for a number of reasons. Clue is one of my all time favorite movies, so hilarious. As a child I played Clue a lot or I should say I used to stare at the rooms on game board and make believe that I lived in a mysterious mansion.  This editorial has an inconsistency in style (which was off-putting at first) then I saw that each was a character from thegame/film  and warmed up to it. I especially love Mrs. White's ensemble and styling (the first photo below).

Via Miss Moss

Tuesday, July 19

Cabinet Article

I wanted to share this article from Cabinet Magazine for no other reason beside it's fascinating.

Monday, July 18

Studio Visit with Tom & Kitty Latane

When I was young maybe 12, my dad took me to Tom's shop for a visit. Tom taught me how to make a nail out of iron. It took me about 5 minutes to finish it. It took Tom about 2 seconds. I believe I still have the nail in storage somewhere. Earlier this month I went to visit Tom again with a different agenda.

Friday, July 15

Cigarette Card Friday

First off, I love Ertha Kit, what a voice. Second, this cigarette Card Friday is Four Square Book themed because I found a whole heap of them.

Emily Rothschild

If you have read my blog for a while or know me pretty well it's no mystery I have a slight(maybe more than slight) obsession with old medical stuff. So, when I came across Emily Rothschild's (awesome name btw) work I had a lot of fun looking through her pieces. Most have a medical theme and are stylized, functional, and a have hint of retro that's not over bearing. I wish I owned all of the items below. Clever ideas. Clever style.

Via Honestly WTF
Non-medical items.

Thursday, July 14

Danielle Everine to be on Season 9 Project Runway

I just found out via Le Petit Connaisseur de la Mode that amazing local fashion designer and friend, Danielle Everine, will be on Season 9 of Project Runway!

I had done a studio visit with Danielle back in April when she was prepping for Voltage. I can't wait to see her work on Project Runway. Make it work Danielle!

Monday, July 11

I have a sucker spot for all things whimsical and creepy. So, I became a quick fan of Brooke Shadens work when I saw it come up on Honestly WTF.

Thursday, July 7


I instantly fell in love with this etsy store. Because of the exquisite colors and simple shapes it's definitely a
"I'll take one of each" kind of place.

Tuesday, July 5

Studio Visit with Kent at Nomadic Press

Kent has the ultimate dream shop at Nomadic Press. It’s tucked away in a fun neighborhood in St. Paul with classic presses and beautiful woodwork. Nomadic Press has been in operation for over 20 years and continues the tradition of handcraft letterpress.    

Here's a link to the studio visit posted on Metro Magazine.

Friday, July 1