Thursday, May 26

Studio Visit with Christina Rimstad

C-Rocka is like a firecracker of projects which, I'm always a fan of!

Wednesday, May 25

Tuesday, May 24

Bumbershoots etc.

After the crazy rainy weekend we had here in Minneapolis I realized I am completely absent of any appropriate rain gear. So, I've decided to round-up some items I should invest in so that next time the rapture comes I'll be ready. This rain gear I've chosen may seem boring and too "workwearish" but, when you're outside all day at a festival or event you'll wish you had a mad rain coat like this.

Friday, May 20

Cat Lamp

Sure it's creepy but, it's also kind of darling. Cat Lamp.

Cigarette Card Friday

Weather themed.

Thursday, May 19

Studio Visit with Michael Thomsen

As a fanatic for all things old and vintage Michael Thomsen's studio and work is most appealing to me.

Wednesday, May 18


I love this Reliquarium project posted on SwissMiss because it has both great aesthetic and humor. The piece above features a collection of water from American places with European names. This specific project reminds me of a video a friend posted of a young girl sharing her idea to bottle and sell air at a conference.

Wednesday, May 11

La Danse

Both Honey Kennedy and Cat Party posted this lookbook photo series that I am in love with. It's a collaboration with Clever Nettle and Summerland. It really makes me miss taking ballet. I wasn't always a fan of the performance costumes but, I love the ballet practice clothing, it's so comfortable and feminine.  Chiffon skirts, tights and leather shoes in that perfect pink. I still own a few pairs of my old dance shoes and some skirts and tights, they are super handy to have around but are getting worn so, I've been researching, to invest in a new set of dance clothes. Muted pastels rock my world.

Tuesday, May 10

Studio Visits

I've been an awful blogger the last week or so. Summer has arrived and with it has come many projects and events.
Here are some studio visits from the past couple of weeks.

Friday, May 6

Cigarette Card Friday

Snooze themed.
 Answer on the back is: One is hard up, the other is soft down.