Friday, December 30

Robert Maguire

Robert Maguire totally has a thing for redheads and nurses and redheaded nurses. That aside he's also great at capturing posture and demeanor. Hot.

Thursday, December 29

Apothecary in the Big Easy

Yay! Old medical things! My favorite! This New Orleans Pharmacy Museum that Gregory Han posted looks like such a delight. I also really enjoyed New Orleans when I visited last year and can't wait to return some day. I didn't know about the museum at the time but, will be sure to check it out next time I go.

We did however stop in a few times at Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop Bar which is reputed to be the oldest structure used as a bar in the United States.

Tuesday, December 27


Freelance photographer Viktor Gårdsäter has a wonderfully diverse portfolio. The portraits are especially intriguing.

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I want to buy a house just so I can have a backyard fort house thing.

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Buro Collection

Sure they're not old timey looking like everything else I post but, they are pretty snazzy.What's there not to love about a matching series of office supplies.

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Friday, December 23

Dream Hideout

Most of these photos of this cavernous place  are pretty dark but, I am loving the space. I imagine this is what my hideout will look like when I become a revolutionary rebel and have to hide from the bad guys.


Speaking of inspiring interior design. The talented Hollister Hovey and her sister Porter recently launched their Interior Design site, Hovey Design. I adore her taste.

Friday, December 16

Thursday, December 15

Industry of One

What isn't there to love about this site? Industry of One is an attractive site that features attractive people doing attractive things.
Case closed.

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Wednesday, December 14

What Is The Purpose?

1970's Classroom Discussion Posters. I picked out a few I thought were the weirdest. Both the messages and illustrations are pretty eerie.

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I uploaded all of them to Flickr for easier viewing.