Thursday, March 31

Le Petit Prince

Back in October I posted about a book lent to me about the famous French aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Today, on NOTCOT this video was featured promoting a limited edition Moleskine, that I must obtain! The video feels so delightful like a Wallace and Gromit movie but, more whimsical.

Wednesday, March 30


I usually think white flats look clowny but, I'm liking these River Island Sidonie Crochet Lace Up oxfords.

Tuesday, March 29

Orla Kiely

Loving the classics from Orla Riely's Spring Summer 2011 line. Link from Black*Eiffel.

Friday, March 25

Studio Visit with Stephanie Lake

I never got a chance to share the studio visit I posted on Sunday. I love this one, Stephanie Lake is such a sweetheart and inspiration!

Wednesday, March 23

Travel Log Day 5?: Spacious Hotel

 Today we went to the worst restaurant in Palm Springs. Who knew there could be bad Mexican food in Southern California. Later, we spent some chill time poolside with drinks and reading. It wasn't easy but, at night we brought down the house with karaoke at the Amigo Room and awoke to Gaby's wake-up call at 6 a.m.   
I'd like to introduce you to Surely, Gaby's lovely pooch. 
 Kaytlin felt terribly inspired to dress to Palm Springs karaoke standards. 
Also, Kaytlin banged out an amazing jazz version of "take me out to the ball game". Take it home sister.

Tuesday, March 22

Travel Log Day Something or Other.

Alright, I made it to LA where I got to see my good friend Kaytlin Borgen. We hit a couple of bars and went back to her place for the night. The next morning we went to Stories for breakfast which, was a really fun book store and coffee shop. Here's some photos of Kaytlin, her boyfriend Ben, and of course their cat Frankie Royale  in their backyard.
We drove down to the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs and got settled in to go out. We went to the diner at the hotel and played Bingo. Kaytlin won the blackout round! Her prize was beer and desserts.

Monday, March 21

Travel Log Day 2: The Long Rainy Drive

I woke up Sunday morning at my brother's place in Orinda. Got a sweet view of my brother picking up dog feces.
The plan was to meet my friend, Gaby, around ten and drive South to LA. Unfortunately, my friend had attended a smashing party the night before and had lost her phone and overslept. After knocking on her door to wake her we tracked down her phone at a roller derby practice.  

Then we hit the road, avocados in tow. 
The San Luis Reservoir 
We also drove through the mountains outside of LA where we encountered a treacherous snowstorm.