Thursday, June 30

Delicious Delight

A while back my good friend Mary gave me a book for my birthday. I never ever bake but, the All Cakes Considered book she gifted me definitely encouraged me to start.
I invited Mary over to help me bake a cake of my choice from the book. There is only two reasons I chose this cake: the level of difficulty (I chose and easy one) and the name "Argroves Manor Coffee Cake", sounds classy. Mary quickly became my baking sensei as she taught me new skills and baking terms. I encourage you to also learn from Mary at her tasty baking blog, Nimmow.  Below is the recipe if you'd like to whip up this delicious delight for yourself also, here's the Flickr set to see how it all went down.

Wednesday, June 29

At The Desk

I've been meaning to get this post up for a very long time now. A while back I came across Olivander's ephemera online and was really impressed. I sent him and email and found out he also runs this fun site, Machines of Loving Grace. Also, he's from Rochester, MN which is near where I grew up. I met up with him on one of my trips to Rochester a while ago and he gifted me this amazing typewriter! It's a Galaxie Twelve by Smith Corona, not sure on the year. I love the colors and it's in impeccable condition. I just had to share. Also, below is a letter from Olivander which I whited out some of his personal info for "never-know-it's-the-internet" reasons but, the letterhead I thought was a delightful design worth sharing.

Tuesday, June 28

Governor's Island

From Me To You has some beautiful photography on a regular basis but, I especially fell in love with this set from the Governors Island Jazz Age Lawn Fest

Monday, June 27

New Studio Visit Site

The Office of Johnston empire grew a branch over the weekend. Here is the new site for my studio visit project. The visits will also now be featuring on Metro Magazine online starting in July.

Thursday, June 23

Friday, June 17

Cigarette Card Friday

Scent themed.

This cigarette card is an instructional on how to fume oak.

Thursday, June 16

Archives: part two

I found some more and scanned them in again on the lousy work scanner. I was so devastated that I lost the negatives from this roll I took at the Big Joe Flour Mill in Wabasha, Minnesota before they tore it down. I had some great "abandoned industrial" shots. Which I don't know how much I like to shoot that type of photography much these days but, that's where I started. I also took a really neat lamp that I've seen Pottery Barn or some place replicate.

Monday, June 13


Over the weekend I went home for a night and did some digging through my old photo boxes. Most of them I took when I was studying photography in high school. The scanner I used to scan them in wasn't so great but, you get the idea. Below is definitely one of my most favorite pictures I've ever taken. The photo came from a project I did in high school which, at the time I tried to pull off as being concept heavy but, really I think I just knew the photos would look cool.

Thursday, June 9

Active Tumblr

I signed up for Tumblr a long time ago and recently took to it. it really only makes sense since so much of what I post about is visual. So, here's what I've been looking at lately.

Monday, June 6

Civil Rights

I'm a huge fan of Harry Belafonte. Here's a terrific video of him, Marlon Brando, James Baldwin, Charlton Heston, Joseph Mankiewicz , and Sidney Poitier discuss the Civil Rights Movement, on the same day as MLK’s “I have a dream” speech. August 28, 1963.

Friday, June 3

Cigarette Card Friday

Greece themed. 
This Cigarette Card Friday is an ode to the
Jelatis-Hoke family, wonderful family friends.
Also, I really want to go to Greece sometime. 

Wednesday, June 1

The Stowaway

Hollister Hovey posted about these enchanting prints about "A young English boy who toils away at home and school, runs off to the docks, stows away on a captain's ship and has adventures on the high sea." Currently the prints are up for auction at Heir Antiques.