Tuesday, August 31

A day at the beach.

Beach fun. In the sun. More here.


I've had my eye on this poster for some time. I'm surprised, I'm usually not attracted to the colors used but I am very attracted to the excitement I get from reading it.

Monday, August 30

Welcome wagon.

Bag wagon by Welcome.

Robinson Reminders.

I would really like to find a vintage Robinson Reminder notebook. Having a wallet-like leather notebook for taking notes comes in super handy.


Ladies and gentleman, the incredibly patient Dalton Ghetti.

Friday, August 27

Enjoy your weekend, see you Monday.


My friend Sarah asked me to take some photos of her for a project she's doing for a friend. It's like a favor chain of some sorts. She was given one dress and her assignment was to portray it in a negative and positive fashion. Making the dress look ugly and them transforming it into a stylish piece. Here's how they turned out.

all photos were not taken with an iphone

Thursday, August 26


Ukraine Playing Cards.


Finally Osborn shoes comes out with a pair I could probably pull off at the office. I like their other designs as well.