Friday, July 30

Mr. Yen

Complete and well crafted paper cuts and vintage map covered notebooks by Mr. Yen.
I feel like my mother when I think of Christmas gifts any time before November.

Thursday, July 29

ACME pencil looking pen.

I'm not quite sure what the point is of having a pen that looks like a pencil but, I'll give ACME some credit for having fun.


I've been eying this tote from Death and Texas for a long time now.

The Festival of San Fermin

I know what I'm going to be for Halloween this year.
Thanks to Boston Globe's The Big Picture

Wednesday, July 28

Tuesday, July 27


Nice looking and affordable switchblade necklaces from Contrary on Etsy.

Talk VS. Work chart.

Really great poster by Joey Roth. The same guy that made the Ceramic Speakers. Big surprise he makes something else awesome. $25 each.


Marvimon and SmogShoppe are the type of places I dream of owning someday. A beautiful space to host and manage events and parties.

Thursday, July 22

Tom Sachs on The Selby: These are a few of my favorite things.

I have so much affection for Tom Sachs and his aesthetic. There's a dash of it that reminds me of going to work with my dad when I was little, sans the NASA theme, he works in the cabinet shop at the Mayo Clinic. For Tom everything has it's own snug secure place designed specifically for the object and a nod towards simple mechanics. Also, really fun logo/brand play and he owns James Brown's passport! Enough said. That is why I was especially ecstatic when another favorite Todd Selby featured Tom Sachs for The Selby is in you place. Makes me want to buy a band saw.

More Tom Sachs photos from The Selby Here.

Other photos of his work from Tom Sachs web site.