Tuesday, November 29

jupe en lainage vert

Here are some great fashion plates of ensembles that caught my eye. I just love the composure in these. Thanks again NYPL for being awesome.

Monday, November 28

Summer Dress

I already miss Summer. Thanks for the reminder, ASOS.

Friday, November 11

Thursday, November 10

New Stuff

Schoolhouse Electric upped their game since the last time I was on their site. They used to just be old timey fixtures, lights, and bulbs but, now they've expanded into the entire household.  This chair is just the sexiest thing.

Tuesday, November 8

The Invite

I had a very small party last month but, decided to go all out on the invites. I made a very detailed envelope which encased a dvd with this video on it. I'll have to post pictures of the packaging later, but enjoy this for now!

Friday, November 4