Wednesday, April 27

Bang The Keys Swiftly

I revisited this article after it came up in conversation. I forgot how much I enjoyed it.
Bang The Keys Swiftly : Typewriters and Their Discontents by Barry Sanders

Friday, April 22

Cigarette Card Friday

Hare themed. (Yes, it's because of Easter, I grew up Catholic. Anyway, get a load of Sandy Hare, what a saucy little tart she is.)

Thursday, April 21

Studio Visit with Abbey Kleinert

Studio Visit with the very photogenic Abbey Kleinert.
Studio Visit link here.

Wednesday, April 20

Oswald's Mill

Retiring to a place like Oswald's Mill has easily become my new life's goal. It's solitude location, architecture, and interior design has my eyes spoiled with indulgence.

It reminds me of a place my dad used to take me when I was little called the Marnach House. There is very little info online. There is this site my dad just sent me about the restoration and this little bio about Elba, a nearby town to the Marnach House. The house is located in the Whitewater Valley area of Minnesota and it was built of stone by the first settlers of the area. Once the weather turns I'll visit the house and do a full write up with photos and more research.
via The Scout

Tuesday, April 19


Love Louise Despont's use of antique bank ledgers as a canvas for her drawings.

Via Fast Company Design

Monday, April 18


This little girl is adorable in this post on Miss Moss. Photos by Nina Leen from the LIFE archives.

Friday, April 15

Thursday, April 14

New Site

Featuring all of my projects, resume, and info in a more professional layout. It's just a start. On Cargo Collective.

Wednesday, April 13

Ordinary Wool

Now that winter's over which, for a while I thought was never going to happen (case in point, it's supposed to snow this weekend) there is little need for these marvelous blankets.

via Honey Kennedy


With my lifetime experiences I have no evidence to believe in fate. This is the closest thing to fate I've ever seen. The name of these TOPSHOP shoes is my first name. What a wonderful world.

Tuesday, April 12

Canvas & Gold

Finally finished a project I started in the Fall that I could not finish until the weather permitted. This project sat in my living room all Winter haunting me with it's unfinishedness.
I transformed an old aluminum lawn chair into a classy looking piece of furniture. I took off the old straps from an aluminum lawn chair, spray painted the frames gold, and sewed new canvas straps with a ribbon backing to prevent stretching. I attached the canvas straps with gold grommets which was the tedious part.


Monday, April 11

Studio Visit with Danielle Everine

 When it comes to fashion, Danielle Everine knows her stuff. With last year’s Pale Rider collection and Voltage 2010 already under her belt, Everine returns for Voltage 2011 with an all sheer collection and a marvelous collaboration with Sarah White of Jagress Intimates.

Studio Visit link here.