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Marni Resort 2013

I am loving the colors and shapes in the Marni Resort 2013 collection. And of course the old school prep always steals my heart. 


Thursday, May 24

Calligraphy Class

Here's my calligraphy class "final". We were assigned to write whatever we wanted using what we've been taught. I chose one of my favorite quotes by an unknown author.

Tuesday, April 24

Dutch Wax Prints

Alright, check this out. This is Belleville to Bamako. Smells like Stella Jean to me.

Here's an interesting article to know a little bit more about Dutch Wax Prints/ Batik.

Monday, April 23

Stella Jean

My mind was blown when I saw Stella Jean's 2012 Spring collection on Honestly WTF. I have some reading to do on Dutch wax prints now.

Thursday, April 19

Sorting Through the Old Stuff

About a year ago a friend of mine handed me a bundle of ephemera he'd come across randomly. I of course love old paper crap so, it was an amazing gift. I put it aside on my shelf and hadn't really filed through it til the other day when I was packing in preparation for my move. I found some great images of historical Minneapolis.One thing I noticed immediately was the angle the skyline of Minneapolis was drawn from. I have not seen very many photos or illustrations of the skyline drawn from this angle.

These images are from the 1967 Fairview Hospitals Annual Report

This letter from what is now the Star Tribune was also in the bundle.

Tuesday, March 13

Swedish Hasbeens

I relate a lot to the name of this company. I also adore their products.

Friday, March 9

The National Commercial Detective Association

Last weekend I took a trip to Wabasha, Minnesota. I visited a local antique store and picked up this lovely find for about $8. If these get you curious for a good story there's this site to fill all your old timey gossip needs. Miss Cora Strayer's Private Detective Agency 
Below is a dictation of the Notice on the inside of the cover.

The text on the Notice is pretty hilarious. As to not strain your eyes on the image, I've dictated here for you. It is as follows:
Kindly observe the following rules in the use of these forms:
1. Always use an unprinted envelope in mailing these letters. After sending out the first form furnished, wait a reasonable time for results, and if not forthcoming? Mail letter No. 2 in the same manner. If this letter also fails to produce returns in a reasonable time, send out the last form in the same manner as the others.
2. BE SURE-To mail them from some other post office than the Town in which you reside. If you live in a small place, the best results are usually secured by mailing them from the largest city or town near to the place in which you live. When it is convenient to do so, a good plan is to give the letters to the mail messenger on a train. But at a station distant from your own place of business or residence, for in that way the envelope will not get a post office postmark and the person to whom the letter is addressed will not be able to tell where it was sent from. If you have a typewriter, it is better to fill out the forms in that manner.
If written otherwise, do not use a pencil, but pen and ink and if there is a possibility of your debtor being acquainted with your handwriting, get some friend whom you can trust to do the writing. In this manner, the person addressed is kept mystified as to the origin and it will bother him, for the word "DETECTIVE" is not greatly relished by him, gives him shudders and he will worry over the matter to the extent that he will pay whole or part to ease his mind. If he comes to you with excuses and requests more time to pay, tell him that you have given him all the consideration possible, when he would not listen and that nothing but payment will stop further action and put him right with the Association.
There are times when "patience ceases to be a virtue," and you can not afford to be sympathetic after you once have your debtor scared, which is the time to follow out this System until you have secured what is honestly due you.
PRICE $5.00

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Honey Kennedy x Love & Victory

I'm a big fan of Honey Kennedy's site and this Love & Victory giveaway they have going is fantastic.

Tuesday, January 24


Wow, here I am blogging about pencils, never saw this one coming. They are so adorable though; they look like Steve Zissou pencils! I got a batch and I think they are fun and nobody's going to take that away from me by making me feel dorky about it. 

Map Meets Dress

I love these map dresses. They are wonderful and I wish they were real fabric so they could be worn.

Via: A Lovely Being

Tuesday, January 17

DIY Glitter On Pumps

Here's my DIY for glitter heeled shoes. 
What I used:
Target shoes, glue, gold spray paint, glitter, painting tape.

I taped off the areas I did not want paint or glitter.  I started off with spray painting the bottoms so the background would be gold to the gold glitter.

Never ever waste glitter.

What Men Really Want: Enchanting Cigarettes

Two books I received from my dad at Christmas along with 2 fountain pens.

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