Monday, December 5

The Accountant

I'm on some sort of sabbatical from doing Studio Visits since it's Winter and my car is a jalopy. Though, I always enjoy others who are doing studio visits. Here's one I found on Need Supply's Blog. In The Make visits artist Jill Sylvia and I'm pretty sure this woman has some form of OCD but, that may be what makes her so amazing. I love the structure's Jill Sylvia assembles after intricately cutting ledger paper.

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Machines of Loving Grace said...

What a perfect medium for recreating the gridwork skeletal structure of building! I'm pretty sure, though, that she's the only one who sees a bunch of economic symbolism in her pieces. Still, some of the most interesting stuff I've seen in a while.

She keeps all the little cut-out bits? Yeah, maybe just a bit OCD.