Friday, October 29

Cigarette Card Friday


Doing studio visits has given me an itch to get a new camera. Currently admiring this model for it's retro features.

Thursday, October 28

Studio Visit with Scott Nedrelow

I haven't even gotten a chance to upload the photos I did for Scott Nedrelow's studio visit to my Flickr but, here's the link for the post that went up Sunday. Scott is an amazing artist and he runs a neat program called Sandwich Bar for Peace, essentially you can trade a piece of art work for a sandwich.

Wednesday, October 27

Me gustaría vivir allí

Good Argentinian finds from Arandu Argentine Handcrafts.

The site has a huge selection of shoes that look like Tom's Shoes but, they only cost $9 a pair.
I believe Argentinian sizes are close to European sizes.

I have no idea how they get away with charging $110.00 for a blindfold but, that aside, the stuff from Confetti System looks like some fun dreamland!

Tuesday, October 26

Gulf of Mexico

What an amazing looking product from and amazing idea. Oil from the gulf used to produce prints.

More photos here.


I enjoy these Ernest Hemingway prints from the Baron Wells prints shop. Oddly, whenever I think of Ernest Hemingway, I'm not reminded of his literature but, of his Polydactyl cats.

Monday, October 25


I'm guessing if I were to wear this dress I'd closely resemble the likes of an Amish person which, is fine because I've already been mistaken for one on a few occasions. Why this is I do not know. What I do know is that I really adore the style of this dress from L.L.Bean
Neat projects from Mike Leavitt. Adidas made into cardboard and gadgets into wood.

Saturday, October 23

Floral Frames

Janz & Cooper make the most beautiful sunglasses on earth. Here's their frame maker James. and some studio shots.
And now the product.