Tuesday, November 30

Office Supplies

This would look great on my desk.


I'd love to have this stationary set personalized. 

Monday, November 29

Studio Visit with Zachary Keenan and Caitlin Longley Keenan

Zachary Keenan and Caitlin Longley Keenan make up a dynamic art duo. On the one hand, Zach has a variety of projects from hand drawn typography to landscape kits, teaches, and runs DesignWorks at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. On the other, former MCAD staff photographer Caitlin keeps busy with her photography work and freelancing. Studio Visit link here.

Friday, November 26

Wednesday, November 24


Retratos Pintados is a beautiful collection from historian Titus Riedl. These are hand-painted vernacular photographs from Brazil.

Tuesday, November 23


I'm usually not one to post much as far as holiday oriented content but, I saw these bags and thought they were pretty neat, I don't see why they could not work year round.

Sunday, November 21

Studio Visit with Crystal Quinn

Crystal Quinn is starting a gallery space called the Dressing Room and it's going to be amazing.

Thursday, November 18


"The" project is pretty fun typography idea. Taking the word "the" from old low resolution archives and converting them to new. For those who love the refined but, hand drawn look. Also, you know how when you say a word so many times it looses it's meaning?