Tuesday, November 11

My Suitcase.

This past weekend I went to visit with my mother in Rochester. When I returned I couldn't help but find the items in my suitcase kind of comical and strange. I went through some of my old boxes that I had of stuff that I collected in high school. Junkified. There were four or five boxes I went through four and consolidated them into one. Some of the things I brought home with me. So they ended up in my suitcase.

April 16, 1949 issue of Collier's Magazine. A friend gave this to me a very long time ago, it survived the flood in my mom's basement and all. I had to keep it. I'm going to make copies from it to use for postcards. The cover has a title for one of the articles inside: "101 Answers To Cancer" , yikes.

Charter Club wool sweater from my mother, it was too small for her.

A bottle of Big House Red wine, 1/4 gone.

Two decks of playing cards with horses on them. I can't recall if these were a gift to me in high school or Milwaukee. I've always had fun making fun of girls who LOVE horses.

I bought so many pin the tail on the donkey sets in high school. You never know when you're going to need one.

A childrens book which I will also make copies of and use for postcards.

A 1989 Toyota Corolla car manual. When I crashed this car in the alley way of the Franklin Building near the Mayo Clinic. I called a few friends who came and dug everything out of my car even some of the seat belts. I had it all in a bag for a while but threw it all out except for the manual.

An old mix cd Rodney had made for me in high school. CD: not found. I plan on maybe trying to download the songs. at some point.

A gold bow pin I actually bought two weekends ago in Wabasha at the Flea Market. I love it.

Friday, November 7

Hallow's Eve and Election

For Halloween Lauren, Robyn, Donnovin, and I went to the Club Jager/Le'toile event.
Lauren dressed up as an adorable flapper girl, Robyn was Ms. Fast (elementary school art teacher), Donnovin went as a stop light, and I in last years costume race horse jockey who's horses name is "Daddy's little secret". Here's the photo of us looking like were in a band that can't get along, kinda like Oasis with out the brothers. To see other photos from the event click here.

I'm sure there are a lot of postings out there about Obama's victory so, I'll make this short so you can catch up on the more important readings. I am very excited about the election results and am happy I am able to experience a legendary moment in history. I and can't wait to see the progress that follows. Pretty big deal.

Saturday, October 4

Julie's place.

Welcome to Julie's house in North East. Julie is a graphic designer and she lives in the cutest house with her friend Joe and her cat Phyllis. She was nice enough to host one of the many bridal showers for my sister. These were taken in August.

Thursday, October 2

Lauren's Brand Spank'n New Apartment!

Greetings! Here are photos from Lauren's new Apartment she just moved into recently with her boyfriend, Jeremy. Also check out the jewelry Lauren makes, here Saffron Sparrow.