Friday, October 15

FSA and OWI.

The Farm Security Administration photographs depict farm life during the Great Depression. Most of the photos that were taken are black-and-white and color photographs in the collection are less extensive. Some of these color photographs are pretty stunning. I only found 2 photographs taken in Minnesota.

Grading and packing onions, Rice County, Minnesota

This one was taken in Wisconsin but, included in the notes is "Minnesota Farmer".
Here are some others randomly picked.


Paul W said...

A complement to these images is this post, this interview with Elmer "Lindy" Linenberger on The Story. He grew up during the great depression and lived through the dust bowl in Kansas.

Brittany Havican said...

My goodness, I've never seen Depression photos that were in color. Thank you so much for sharing these. If you don't mind, I think I may repost them with credits on my blog too.


Nathanael Johnson said...

I found these a while back and just looked at them again. I don't know why but they fill me with an interesting sadness. I drags the humans out of the black and white common, to a more contemporary mode. I feel like I can touch them, they were here, and now they are gone. It really is beautiful.