Tuesday, November 11

My Suitcase.

This past weekend I went to visit with my mother in Rochester. When I returned I couldn't help but find the items in my suitcase kind of comical and strange. I went through some of my old boxes that I had of stuff that I collected in high school. Junkified. There were four or five boxes I went through four and consolidated them into one. Some of the things I brought home with me. So they ended up in my suitcase.

April 16, 1949 issue of Collier's Magazine. A friend gave this to me a very long time ago, it survived the flood in my mom's basement and all. I had to keep it. I'm going to make copies from it to use for postcards. The cover has a title for one of the articles inside: "101 Answers To Cancer" , yikes.

Charter Club wool sweater from my mother, it was too small for her.

A bottle of Big House Red wine, 1/4 gone.

Two decks of playing cards with horses on them. I can't recall if these were a gift to me in high school or Milwaukee. I've always had fun making fun of girls who LOVE horses.

I bought so many pin the tail on the donkey sets in high school. You never know when you're going to need one.

A childrens book which I will also make copies of and use for postcards.

A 1989 Toyota Corolla car manual. When I crashed this car in the alley way of the Franklin Building near the Mayo Clinic. I called a few friends who came and dug everything out of my car even some of the seat belts. I had it all in a bag for a while but threw it all out except for the manual.

An old mix cd Rodney had made for me in high school. CD: not found. I plan on maybe trying to download the songs. at some point.

A gold bow pin I actually bought two weekends ago in Wabasha at the Flea Market. I love it.

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