Friday, November 7

Hallow's Eve and Election

For Halloween Lauren, Robyn, Donnovin, and I went to the Club Jager/Le'toile event.
Lauren dressed up as an adorable flapper girl, Robyn was Ms. Fast (elementary school art teacher), Donnovin went as a stop light, and I in last years costume race horse jockey who's horses name is "Daddy's little secret". Here's the photo of us looking like were in a band that can't get along, kinda like Oasis with out the brothers. To see other photos from the event click here.

I'm sure there are a lot of postings out there about Obama's victory so, I'll make this short so you can catch up on the more important readings. I am very excited about the election results and am happy I am able to experience a legendary moment in history. I and can't wait to see the progress that follows. Pretty big deal.

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