Wednesday, June 29

At The Desk

I've been meaning to get this post up for a very long time now. A while back I came across Olivander's ephemera online and was really impressed. I sent him and email and found out he also runs this fun site, Machines of Loving Grace. Also, he's from Rochester, MN which is near where I grew up. I met up with him on one of my trips to Rochester a while ago and he gifted me this amazing typewriter! It's a Galaxie Twelve by Smith Corona, not sure on the year. I love the colors and it's in impeccable condition. I just had to share. Also, below is a letter from Olivander which I whited out some of his personal info for "never-know-it's-the-internet" reasons but, the letterhead I thought was a delightful design worth sharing.


Olivander said...

It looks right at home! I'm glad you're enjoying it.

The letterhead, FYI, was adapted from an 1887 society letterhead that I came across.

That reminds me: if you're looking for ephemera goodness and have the opportunity to top in at the antique mall in Cannon Falls (the one behind the truck stop), on the 2nd floor in the back room to your right is a booth with a binder full of old letterheads, billheads, etc. Most are $2 for the entire plastic sleeve they're in, and there are 2-4 per sleeve.

Office Of Johnston said...

Nice tip! Glad you approve of the post!