Wednesday, April 20

Oswald's Mill

Retiring to a place like Oswald's Mill has easily become my new life's goal. It's solitude location, architecture, and interior design has my eyes spoiled with indulgence.

It reminds me of a place my dad used to take me when I was little called the Marnach House. There is very little info online. There is this site my dad just sent me about the restoration and this little bio about Elba, a nearby town to the Marnach House. The house is located in the Whitewater Valley area of Minnesota and it was built of stone by the first settlers of the area. Once the weather turns I'll visit the house and do a full write up with photos and more research.
via The Scout


Olivander said...

Now that's my kind of place!

I've never heard of Monarch House. When you go, let me know and maybe we can explore it together. Hopefully I'll have a working Mamiya again by then.

Offices Of Johnston said...

Yes! for sure Olivander! My dad used to use a near by stick to undo the hook lock on the interior of the window so we could get inside. Worthy trespassing.

G from NYC said...

First of all, it blows my MIND that these properties with their crazy beautiful decor exist at all, much less for the sole purpose of photo and film shoots!

Second, here's a mill you can actually stay in, albeit with a much more modern interior: Someone may or may not be getting married there.

Offices Of Johnston said...

G, that is beautiful! What a wonderful place for a wedding!