Friday, April 25

Blankets, books, baklava & backgammon.
Ease on down the road and out of your
hangover with Food, wine & friends
at the park. The park is located in the
heart of Kenwood. Bring what you need
to let up and be leisurely. Clandestine
the wine. Confidants you have are
also welcome.

Direct your inquiries to the Law

Offices of Johnston & Johnston.

1 comment:

Mike said...

Home is where the bullet lands after it travels through your head - And other great memories from Man Man in Minneapolis! I'm Buck's comrade, Mike. You're too cool a cat to lose contact with,and thanks to the internet we can all be stalkers and that can never happen. Now we are friends for ever, for-ev-er, for-ev-er... MOO HOO HA HA. But no, seriously. Thanks for letting us dance all over your place. A delightful time had by all, if I may be so bold to say.